August 2014 – (Scroll down for photos and videos)

We have a number of contributors this month….

Photos sent by Chris

car ele puku - Copy DSC_0719 - Copy DSC_0726 - Copy PLAIN IN FRONT AND DISH - Copy puku and chalet

Video from the trail camera…

bushbuck eating flowers   (7 Mb)

Some information regarding Chris’ book … “I thought you may be pleased to know that right now, being out of print, Liontide is sold on Amazon for £197.90 new or £59.98 used (you can see it here:

Video of an Aardvark by Jan Rijnink

Jan Rijnink Aardvark 1  (4 Mb)

Photos by Charlotte

Charlotte - cheetah 8 14 Charlotte - DSC_4496 Charlotte - DSC_4586 - Copy Charlotte - winter Cassia

Photos sent by Michelle Proctor…

Hello from Mukinge!

I just wanted to say thank you for making our stay at McBride’s so special we really enjoyed our time there. I have been showing everyone my photos here and telling them what a good time we had so you may get some more Mukinge folk coming to stay!

I know I gave you my cheetah pictures but thought I would also share my 2 favourite pictures from our stay

Michelle Proctor - DSCN0823Michelle Proctor - DSCN0828Michelle Proctor - RSCN0746

Photos contributed by Renee Barsa who says “Thank you for such a fantastic stay at your camp. I miss getting to be in your incredible part of the world tremendously. To have the opportunity to live with in such a pristine place in close proximity to such an array of stunning wildlife is truly magical!

Renee Barsa - IMG_2830 Renee Barsa -IMG_2005 Renee Barsa -IMG_2307 Renee Barsa -IMG_2391 Renee Barsa -IMG_2450 Renee Barsa -IMG_2927 Renee Barsa -IMG_2960 Renee Barsa -IMG_2988 Renee Barsa -IMG_3010 Renee Barsa -IMG_3031 Renee Barsa -IMG_3034 Renee Barsa -IMG_3050 Renee Barsa -IMG_3054 Renee Barsa -IMG_3167

Photo by Professor Jedan-Francois Schved (Professor of Haemotology)


Photos by Roel Stausebach

Roel Stausebach - Cheetah

Rolf Stausebach 2 Rolf Stausebach 3 Rolf Stausebach 4 Rolf Stausebach 5 Rolf Stausebach 6

Rolf Stausebach 1 Photo by Rolf Lieberich






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