The road to our camp has been partially improved, and a 4×4 is no longer necessary in the dry season, when a high clearance 2×4 will be sufficient.

For Self-Drivers : Please be extra careful to drive very slowly near animals, which are mostly habituated to vehicles near the camp, as should they be de-habituated due to lack of consideration, they may be more difficult to see in future

From Lusaka
, take the Mongu Road for 150 kilometres. Turn right into the Mumbwa Road.

N.B. last fuel is in Mumbwa. From Mumbwa to McBrides’ camp and back  is approximately 220kms.

Set your Odometer in Mumbwa.

Once in Mumbwa turn left at the first circle on entering the town

(Mumbwa Filling Station:  S 014 deg 59.457 min, E 027 deg 03.617 min)

Turn right after about 1.1 km into the Kasempa road.

At 33.2 kms take the left fork.  (S 014 deg 45.599 min,  E 026 deg 54.376 min)

7.1 kms to Chitunda Open Air Reform School (keep right)

19.7 kms to Hippo Mine Turn-off – Sign posted McBrides’ Camp (S 014 deg 37.866 min, E 026 deg 29.659 min). Go through the disused mine grounds and straight past the airstrip to reach McBrides’ Camp.

Dry Season Scenic Route : Can be accessed from May to December and is also suitable for high-clearance 2×4’s.)  This is an alternate route to the camp

When you get to the first yellow “McBride’s Camp” sign,  go straight (S 014 deg. 37.866 min., E 026 deg., 29.659 min), do not turn right to the pontoon.

Go straight for 5.1 kms

Turn left where you see the second “McBrides’ Camp” sign.  When the road is not passable this sign will be taken down, then continue straight, past the airstrip to the camp.

The camp is 14.2 kms from this point


Please advise us of your ETA prior to departure.

With the improved highway, travelling time is about 4-5.5 hours from Lusaka in the dry season, and 5+ in the wet season.

Note : GPS Co-ordinates are in hddd-mm.mmm format and with WGS 84 map datum.