June 2019 Logs and Pictures

Note from Alexander (Switzerland)

Chris, I was with Aschi in October 2018 at your campsite and on a bushwalk with you.. Fortunately I could buy a McBrides Diaries-Part 1 and it is so interesting to read things about lions and your campsite in Kafue. I miss that very much.. thank you so much to share all this things with us.. deep regards.
Alexander from Switzerland
How is the bird, “coming along”..? I am still very impressed… how close you live together with all the animals, it would be great when I could do this as well, to feel the real, the essential things of life, many thanks Chris.

Photos by Charlotte

The first hippos to lie on the beach this year
The Lone Ranger

In the past 10 years or so, we have had 3 young hippos living in our camp, one after the other. The first disappeared after about 3 years, the second was killed by the then herd bull (Sounds of battle at night, blood dispersed round as seen the next morning), and ow there is the Lone Ranger

 These 3 young hippos stayed in our camp in order to escape from the herd bull, who would kill them, but is frightened of coming into the camp. So the young hippos are save if they remain in the camp and its environs.

Young hippos graze during the day, often in the first half of the morning, or the afternoon, thereby avoiding the herd bull, who grazes at night along with the other hippos.

Video – Close encounters – Alison Hall (9Mb)

Video – Alison Hall and the Lone Ranger (9Mb)

Photo by Diane Arnaud

Lions at Spring No 3

Photos by Shannon Macrae ( Southern Vista Tours, New Zealand )

Photos by Steve Lawson ( Southern Vista Tours, New Zealand )

Photos by Alexi Phiri

Elephant near the camp