April 2011

26 April

I went on a walk this morning. It was really beautiful. The grass was all laden with dew, so walking into the sunlight was like walking into crystal jewels. The spider webs were also like sparkling diamond necklaces. We stopped and examined one fragile spiders web. It had a strange, straight line running through it. On closer inspection we discovered that it was a line of eaten insects, all very tidily sewn up with web, a very neat and orderly little spider, with her cupboards in good order.

We walked past the anthill where we had previously taken a beautiful picture of a porcupine. He was not in residence, but a beautiful little bushbuck darted away from the side of the anthill.

It is such a beautiful time of the year, as the season changes from the green, green rainy season to the drier pre-winter colours which are mainly gold. We have had a lot of rain this year and the ground is still saturated with water in some areas.

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