January 2008

It is raining all the time- storms, gentle rains, wonderful skies full of clouds and rain… but it is non stop.

I know we need the rain, but it makes driving here difficult, with the roads looking like rivers. Pools are sometimes deep with the water over the wheels of the vehicle.


it is so very beautiful. Everything so green, green, green and the animals are looking fat and shiny. Lions are roaring nearby. The sound is magnificent in the rain as it seems much louder and more vibrant. The river is rising daily and we can hear the sound of running water all around us as little streams join the Mushingashi River.

Five rare and beautiful wattled cranes flew over the camp today, making their harsh “craaking” sound &  looking like a Japanese painting. There are lots of spurwing geese standing at the water’s edge, which is covered with a lovely yellow sedge like flower.

Yes, it is very beautiful and we are lucky to be able to enjoy nature like this!

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