July 2008

20 July

I have just returned from the Flying Camp (staff name for the Fly Camp-a small tented camp about 14kms down river). We have discovered a group of Chaplin’s barbets near it, which is very exciting. I wish I could find out more about them, the bird books are very slim on details!

Whilst at the Fly Camp, I was sitting on an anthill, and watched a herd of about 250 buffalo walk past. They were totally unaware of me, and so I was able to observe them for a long time. Late yesterday afternoon, a very big elephant came through the trees at the Mushingashi mouth, and chased a whole group of sleeping / basking hippos into the water. He was quite aggressive, and they really scuttled into the water, looking startled and disturbed – as were all the tick birds who flew off in indignant swarms!

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