August 2009

09 August

Last night, whilst eating a very delicious dinner with our lovely guests, (venison soup and fresh bread rolls, Southern fried chicken with lemon and garlic butter, savoury rice, salad and vegies, mango mousse with slightly soured cream), a leopard walked past. He was completely undisturbed by our “oohhhs” and “aaahhhs” and torch light. He was truly magnificent, with a sinuous golden walk and his rosettes looking like black diamonds, and eyes glinting like topaz in the torchlight. We all felt as if we had just had a bottle of golden champagne, so privileged and happy. What a lovely end to the evening.

One of  our guests could not go to his room as an elephant had decided that the trees and palms around it were just what he had in mind for his 120kg snack. So our guest had to sit around the camp fire for hours, waiting to go to bed. But he did not mind at all.

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