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McBrides’ Camp Our Pick – LONELY PLANET. ZAMBIA AND MALAWI (Alan Murphy, Nana Luckham, Nicola Simmonds – Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd. 2010 p. 177-178)

Walks With The Lion Man – NKHANI KULTURE MAGAZINE, Lusaka, Zambia – March to April 2010

Lion Adventures, Chris Mcbride –  DISCOVER ZAMBIA EDITION 3. (The official Zambia International Travel Expo Magazine) – March 2010

Tourism update, April / May 2010. Mention in  ‘NEW AT MOTSWARI’, P. 20.

Article For South African Airways Sawubona Magazine by Chris / Charlotte – “Morning Has Broken

TRAVEL ZAMBIA, Edition 3, May 2008, p. 49. Downstream with the lion man. Philip Dickson.

GETAWAY’S 1001 PLACES TO SEE BEFORE YOU DIE. Walk Kafue, A Walk In The Bush At McBrides’ Camp. No. 129, P.48. 2006.

GETAWAY, P.59, Part of an article, Peter Frost. January 2004.

GETAWAY, One man, his wife, and the bush. Peter Frost. PP. 86-89. March 2004

LEISURE WHEELS, February 2005, pp. 80-83.

CAPE ARGUS, TRAVEL SECTION, AN AFRICAN INSPIRATION. Carolyn Taylor-Thomas. September 4, 2004.

CAPE TIMES, INSIGHT, Friday, August 8, 2008, TONY WEAVER, Man Friday. Article on McBrides’ Camp, “We could watch the wildlife from a boat, or spend the day just lion about.”

SHIKENU. ISSUE 1. McBrides’ Camp. PP 26-31. 2006.  ZNTB (Zambia National Tourist Board) Magazine.

Publications  – Italian

IQUALITY Magazine, 22 December, 2008.

INMOTO Magazine, 2008,  has material on McBrides’ Camp

TV Programmes

ANIMAL PLANET, Starting September / October 2005. “White Lions, King Of Kings”,  by David Adams Films

ZAMBIAN NATIONAL BROADCASTING CORPORATION (ZNBC),   “Tourism and Travel Show”, MCBRIDES’ CAMP – +- 20 mins., aired on Wednesday, 18:00hrs, 25th June, 2008, and has run several times on various other dates.

MISSIONE NATURA. May, 2008. About 15 minutes on McBrides’ Camp. (Italian TV..)

ARD TV, March 2010.

“Traumzug durch Afrika – Von Kapstadt nach Kenia;  / Dreamflight throughout Africa – From Cape Town to Kenya.”

Together with the Film Documentary Association of Public Broadcasting Corporations in the Federal Republic of Germany, ARD (  filmed a documentary titled “Dreamflight throughout Africa” The documentary’s focus was discovering Southern Africa and included footage starting  from South Africa, via Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Ruanda, Uganda to Kenya. McBrides Camp was selected for the “Safari On Foot”  part of the documentary and will also host the film crew during their stay in Zambia.

ARD is Germany’s leading public TV channels with national and worldwide coverage. See for more information.


The broadcast dates was  23rd and 24th May 2010 (19h15 Platform TV premium documentaries) with 10 to 30 subsequent repeat showings. Approximately 6 to 8 million people in Germany were expected to watch the program as well as large numbers in Austria, Switzerland and worldwide via satellite. It was expected that 15 to 20 million people would  view the programme in 2010/2011.

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