Photos and videos from guests & staff for October 2015

Blog by Laura

August 13, 2012   Our first visit to McBrides’ Camp (and we have been back now three more times!)

We are in a weird and magical place: McBrides’ Camp in Kafue National Park. The magic is the bend in the river, sounds of birds, a stillness that simply relaxes the spirit and the sense that time has stopped. How could we possibly rush to tea at 4?! This is a camp on the Kafue River, home of Chris and Charlotte McBride, a lion expert and a woman who grew up in the bush, British whimsy and humor, always teaching and chortling, imitating birds, lions and leopards, names for all the local animals, inviting the birds in for sugar and fruit and bacon, regaling us with stories, and much, much food, not to mention imitations of American accents that are sharp and embarrassing. Are we all so twangy and whiny sounding?

We started our day with a float on the river – a two story pontoon boat with tea, coffee, juice and cookies, bird books, the Far Side and lots of comfy chairs and pillows. What a life. It didn t matter if we saw elephant or impala or fish eagles. It as just the antidote to the 6+ hour drive here from Lusaka,   on bumpy dirt roads some so narrow we seemed to be lost in the woods. I am glad that part is over!

Could I stay here? For a few weeks – but I might get lonely in a month unless I befriended an elephant, put myself to mastering bird calls, or found a research project. But even then I might need to take up smoking cigars or drinking whiskey to mark the end of the day.

Affectionately, Laura

Photos by Chris

26.10.15 - Copy

DSC_1768 - Copy

DSC_1773 - Copy


DSC_1778 - Copy

DSC_1780 - Copy

Photos by Claire Robinson

20150926_235132 Photo above using a specialized night cameraBy Claire robinson

Photos by Dave Riegler (Inzalo Safari Lodge)





Photos by Dee Jones

Lone Ranger and bird bath by Dee Jones

Photos by Nigel at Delai

JACOB, by Nigel


LUKE, BY Nigel


Photos by Poppie Schoeman

Poppie Schoeman..near the campsite (2)

Poppie Schoeman..near the campsiteNear the campsite

Photos by Rachel Gabrieli

african finnfoot

boat 1

bushbaby lesser

bushbaby thick tailed


elephant portrait


green backed heron




lion and stork


mcbd room

open billed stork


sunset on kafue river

Photos by Sarel Alberts

IMG_3061 IMG_3063

Sarel Alberts..near the campsite

Zambia 2015 10 02 506

Zambia 2015 10 02 589

Zambia 2015 10 02 590

Zambia 2015 10 02 607

Zambia 2015 10 02 617

Zambia 2015 10 090

Zambia 2015 10 388