Logs and pictures from Chris

10th October

I have just had one of the finest bush days of my life.

Firstly, from very early this morning, 2 lions roared just north of the camp. We found them, with 2 Swiss guests, just before dawn, near Spring No. 1. This is an area of brilliant green grass, very short, which looks like a golf course, and supports many Puku….150 at one count…and some impala, a bachelor herd which has been round here for 15 years, not the same individuals, probably. The lions roared twice, then settled down to rest, moving into shade.

Going back to camp to get Charlotte and have some coffee, we found 5 elephants eating very close to the lounge sometimes, completely relaxed and unconcerned. We do not know how these and other elephants know they are safe, only that they do know they are safe. 

They ate for quite a long time, then disappeared one by one into the nearby tributary.





elephant-in-camp      spring-1-many-animals  spring-no-1-good

Here is a little story…Four hundred meters north of our hut is a spring on top of a small rise. Around this spring are areas of short green grass, which look like golf greens, very attractive to grazers. In the dips are patches of dark green reed-like vegetation, where lions retreat for shade when it gets hot. Water seeps out of the spring and runs downhill. The water contains chemicals, sulphur is one, and animals seem to find this attractive. Lions drink from it, so do antelope, and it seems to be a favourite drinking place for vultures and probably birds of prey.

To this area have recently come , in the last few weeks, oestrous lionesses and attendant males, Duke and Rex and more recently Paddington and Tate.

14th October

Tate woke up late from his shady place in the reeds, and got worried and roared to try to locate the others and re-establish contact with his brother. After a while, he started moving to the north, looking for them, looking for his brother. I shall miss the lions at Spring No. 1. it’s been about 4 continuous days that they have been there, and they were also there some time ago.


 (Paddington roaring…)

Listen to Paddington roaring (18-9-2016 2Mb)

Listen to Paddington roaring (18-9-2016 2Mb)

This is the first time for very many years I have seen so many elephants so near our camp (700 m.)


Pictures from Gabi and Magi