“….going to the camp is about experiencing nature like no other place in Africa. Clients are well aware that even if they do not see the Lions, it is the sheer experience of wilderness and closeness to nature which other places in Africa do not have now.” – Amol Damle, Damle safaris


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NEW BOOK JUST LAUNCHED!! By Chris and Charlotte titled “Living With Lions, McBrides Diaries”

Chris and Charlotte McBride write about their experiences in a remote part of the Kafue National Park in Zambia where they have been running a safari bush camp for more than 20 years.

Available from Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09MYXS415?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860  or from

Barnes & Noble – https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/living-with-lions-chris-mcbride/1129068008?ean=9781943650798


See the reviews below,. The book can be ordered from AMAZON.com (See more information in November 2018 Logs)

McBrides’ Camp

The camp is found in one of the last true wilderness areas in the Park, where there are no roads and virtually no signs of humans.

This intense wilderness quality, so hard to find nowadays, together with the full complement of various forms of life (mammals, birds, fish,  reptiles) is what McBrides’ Camp offers.

Included in your stay

  • Accommodation
  • 2 meals per day
  • All game activities
  • And more…


  • Day game drives
  • Game viewing by boat
  • Fishing
  • Fly Fishing
  • Bird watching excursions
  • Discover more here

LIONTIDE by Chris McBride

Massive research and findings. His account of the big cats of the Savuti is totally passionate but beautifully compassionate – Keith Abendroth, THE CITIZEN, 23.7.90.

“This is an invaluable insight into lion behaviour, crammed with information and a book that will have pride of place on the shelf of any naturalist, whether amateur or professional”.
John Michell, BUSINESS DAY, 4.6.90

It takes a rare gift to combine raw scientific data with a personal vision and belief in things natural to produce a captivating narrative. Chris McBride’s book based on his work in the mystical Savuti Channel area of Botswana is such a work.
While telling a valid yet poignant story it also shows what research on large predators is all about – endless hours of work at night when others are soundly asleep in warm mosquito-proof beds. Liontide is a captivating series of events which clearly tells of the close kinship between the author and the multitude of animals which surrounded him at Savuti. The enigma of the ebb and flow of the lives of these predators mirrors that of the waters of the Savuti which come and go as silently and mysteriously as the lions which feature boldly in this book.

Above all, however, the book is clear evidence of the author’s deep belief in creation and the Creator which mirrors his own thoughts and the actions of the animals around him.
Liontide is a compelling and thoroughly enjoying book which teaches without conscious effort.
Prof J du P Bothma – Former Head: Centre for Wildlife Research, University of Pretoria, South Africa

…his kill sequences are quite incredible, exquisitely capturing the drama of the hunt. Liontide must rank as one of the most definitive works yet published on the behaviour of the King of Beasts. The book carries a picture gallery of some of the finest photographs I have ever seen of Wildlife in the raw. – Colin Mitchell, Magnum, December 1990.


“FASSINERENDE VERSLAG”… Hoewel Liontide wetenskaplike navorsingsresultate weergee, is dit geensins n wetenskaplike verslag nee dit is heerlike, boeiende leesstof and word aanbeveel vir almal met n liefde vir die natuur en vir avontuur. – Louise van Niekerk, November 1990, CONSERVA.


“SUPERB PHOTOGRAPHS” – J. Bennett, Sunday Tribune, 22.7.90.

“DAS PHANTASTISCHE UND UNGEWOHNLICHE FOTOS” In seinem Buch, LIONTIDE, das phantastische und ungewohnliche Fotos enthalt, beschreibt er die spielee, die Hunerperioden und Schlemmerein. – Seite 8 AFRIKA MOSAIK Herbst 1991.

The 90 full-colour photographs illustrating “Liontide” are of outstanding quality some of them are by far the best photographs of certain aspects of lion behaviour that I have come across. – Natura, No. 22, December 1990-Feb. 1991

Certificate of Excellence

Have a look!

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