McBride Camp Bird Species Record

Feb 2008

PLEASE NOTE. This is not as a substitute for bird field guides, only a record of what has been seen, how often and where by residents, visitors and guests at McBride Camp. If you feel an entry should be amended please let us know and we will do so gladly.

Numbers are as per Roberts – Maclean 1993 ordering.

This list is set out in alphabetical order.


A    Afrotropical migrant
CC    Global conservation concern
CC    Local conservation concern
P    Palearctic migrant
PP    Partial/possible migrant
R    Resident
RR    Restricted range
V    Vagrant

Descriptions. where used – (based on monthly visits in 1998 and subsequent observations):

Rarely seen                  recorded up to 2 times in a year
Occasionally seen     recorded 3 to 5 times in a year
Frequently seen        recorded 6 to 9 times in a year
Regularly seen           recorded 10 or more times in a year

Roberts ref. – Maclean 1993    
648    Apalis, Yellow-breasted R    The common apalis of the riparian bush and adjacent levee thickets
294    Avocet    Rarely seen
560    Babbler, Arrow-marked R    Regularly seen, numerous
Barbet, Black-backed R    Frequently seen in levee riparian thickets
464    Barbet, Black-collared R    Regularly seen
473    Barbet, Crested R    Rarely seen. Miombo ant-hills
Barbet, Miombo Pied R    Rarely seen
701    Batis, Chin-spot R    Regularly seen, most habitats
440    Bee-eater, Blue-cheeked P    Rarely seen
442    Bee-eater, Bohm’s R    Regularly seen. Always present with numbers peaking in April/May
438    Bee-eater, European P/A    Occasionally seen over river.
444    Bee-eater, Little PP    Frequently seen
445    Bee-eater, Swallow-tailed PP    Occasionally seen June, July and October
443    Bee-eater, White-fronted R    Frequently seen. Normally numerous with numbers severely reduced between January and April
824    Bishop, Red R    Rarely seen. Dambo reed beds
827    Bishop, Yellow R    Rarely seen, Dambo reed beds
79      Bittern, Dwarf A    Rarely seen. Road puddles November/December
78      Bittern, Little P-PP    Rarely seen. Arrived in reedbeds on dambo ponds in November. Present. November.
911     Blackcap, European    Rarely seen.
738    Boubou, Swamp    Rarely seen.
737    Boubou, Tropical R    Regularly seen
490    Broadbill, African    Rarely seen
741    Brubru R    Rarely seen
568    Bulbul, Common R    Regularly seen.
Bulbul, Grey-Olive R    Rarely seen. Late October, low levels and river bank
569    Bulbul, Terrestrial R    Frequently seen, varying numbers, levee thickets
883    Bunting, Cabanis’s R    Rarely seen. Open miombo
884    Bunting, Golden-breasted PP    Rarely seen. Open miombo
886    Bunting, Rock, Cinnamon-breasted A    Rarely seen, Dambo edge
238    Bustard, Black-bellied R    Occasionally seen miombo and airstrip
154    Buzzard, Lizard R    Frequently seen in miombo, vocal in October/November
870    Canary, Black-throated R    Rarely seen. Reed ponds
869    Canary, Yellow-fronted R    Frequently seen. River front and miombo
594    Chat, Arnot’s R    Regularly seen, miombo
589    Chat, Familiar R    Miombo rocky hills
Chat, Sooty R    Rarely seen. Dambo border
678    Cisticola, Croaking R    Rarely seen. Hot spring dambo
665    Cisticola, Desert R    Rarely seen. Musangashi Plain
664    Cisticola, Fan-tailed R    Dambo grasslands
675    Cisticola, Greater Black-backed R    Occasionally seen, dambo reed bed ponds
Cisticola, Pale-crowned R    Rarely seen. Dambos
672    Cisticola, Rattling R    Rarely seen. Hot spring dambo
674    Cisticola, Red-faced R    Rarely seen. Hot spring dambo
680    Cisticola, Short-wing R    Rarely seen. Hot spring grassland
Cisticola, Trilling R    Rarely seen. Dambos
228    Coot, Red-knobbed PP    Rarely seen.
58       Cormorant, Reed PP    Regularly seen. Very small numbers in February, March and April. Numbers building up gradually through the dry season with falling water levels to a peak between late November and late December.
55      Cormorant, White-breasted PP    Regularly seen. Numbers increase during the rains with rising water to peak in April/May when they breed on a rocky island near Elephant Rock. As the water levels fall during the dry season the numbers decrease until they reach their lowest in October/November when the few birds that remain are confined to areas of deepest water.
388    Coucal, Black A    Rarely seen. Dambo Ponds
389    Coucal, Coppery tailed R    Regularly seen. Dambo ponds and surrounds
390    Coucal, Senegal R    Occasaionally seen. Riverside
303    Courser, Bronze-winged A    Rarely seen. Musangashi plain
300    Courser, Temmink’s    Rarely seen. Small flock seen September at airstrip
212    Crake, African A    Occasionally seen. Wet dambo margin
213    Crake, Black R    Regularly seen in dambo reed ponds and river fringing reeds
209    Crane, Southern Crowned R-cc    Rarely seen. Musangashi mouth November
207    Crane, Wattled PP-CC    Frequently seen. Dambo reed ponds and hot springs
559    Creeper, Spotted R    Occasionally seen
651    Crombec, Long-billed R    Occasionally seen
652    Crombec, Red-capped R    Rarely seen. Miombo
548    Crow, Pied R    Rarely seen
128    Cuckoo Hawk, African PP    Rarely seen. Miombo/dambo margin
538    Cuckoo Shrike, Black PP    Occasionally seen. Present most of year except winter months, brachystegia glaucesens grove
539    Cuckoo Shrike, White-breasted PP    Rarely seen
375    Cuckoo, African Grey A    Rarely seen.
378    Cuckoo, Black A    Rarely seen. Miombo
386    Cuckoo, Didric A    Occasionally seen. May, February and October
384    Cuckoo, Emerald A    Rarely seen. January and February
374    Cuckoo, European Grey P    Rarely seen. Miombo
385    Cuckoo, Klaas’s A    Riparian Fringe
377    Cuckoo, Red-chested A    Rarely seen.
381    Cuckoo, Striped Crested A    Occasionally seen
60    Darter PP    Frequently seen. Numbers decrease to zero at highest water level Feb, March and April. Highest numbers at lowest waters Sept, Oct and November
297    Dikkop, Spotted R    Rarel seen. Old mine workings
298    Dikkop, Water R    Regularlly seen. Large numbers breeding August to December, reducing January to June
357    Dove, Blue-spotted Wood R    Rarely seen. Levee thickets
354    Dove, Cape Turtle R    Regularly seen
358    Dove, Emerald-spotted Wood R    Regularly seen
355    Dove, Laughing A    Occasionally see. Present April, May, June, absent until September, numbers increasing. October and November
356    Dove, Namaqua A    Occasionally. Sporadically present
352    Dove, Red-eyed R    Regularly seen
541    Drongo, Fork-tailed R    Regularly seen
105    Duck, African Black    Rarely seen
100    Duck, Fulvous Whistling PP    Regularly seen. Small to large flocks January to October
115    Duck, Knob-billed PP    Regularly seen. Large numbers in rainy season, reducing in the dry season
99    Duck, White-faced Whistling PP    Occasionally seen. Large numbers present January and February. Absent at peak flood (March and April). May be seen rest of year
137    Eagle, African Hawk R    Rarely seen. Open areas scattered with trees
146    Eagle, Bateleur PP-cc    Regularly seen. Numerous, seen in all stages of maturity.
143    Eagle, Black-breasted Snake    Rarely seen. Trees around dambo.
142    Eagle, Brown Snake PP    Frequently seen.
134    Eagle, Lesser Spotted P    Rarely seen.
139    Eagle, Long-crested R    Rarely seen. Mushangashi plain
140    Eagle, Martial R    Frequently seen.
143    Eagle, Short-toed PP    Rarely seen. Margin of Musangashi Plain
133    Eagle, Steppe P    Rarely seen.
132    Eagle, Tawny
135    Eagle, Wahlberg’s A    Rarely seen.
145    Eagle, Western Banded Snake R    Closely associated with the riparian fringing bush and adjacent parallel dambo
69    Egret, Black PP    Occasionally seen. Seen in small numbers (2 & 4) on the dambo and ponds in October. *Seen on river sand islands, singly, shading water in characteristic way, late July, early August.
71    Egret, Cattle A    Occasionally seen. Mainly seen September and then numbers increasing through November & December.
66    Egret, Great White PP    Occasionally seen. Quite large numbers (c 20) flying southwards in late February with yellow-billed egrets. Present in small numbers April to November in river and ponds. Numbers increasing late November & December.                                           67    Egret, Little PP    Occasionally seen. Usually absent during March to August. Sightings mid September. Numbers increasing during October & November but still scarce. Present small numbers late December.
70    Egret, Slaty
68    Egret, Yellow-billed PP    Occasionally seen. January, February, single October all over the river.* one seen at dambo pan early October.
656    Eremomela, Burntnecked    Frequently seen.
655    Eremomela, Green-capped R    Rarely seen.
653    Eremomela, Yellow-bellied R    Rarely seen. Miombo
172    Falcon, Lanner PP    Rarely seen.
171    Falcon, Peregrine P-PP    Rarely seen. Over dambo ponds
834    Finch, Melba R    Rarely seen. Mine dump thickets
229    Finfoot, African R    Frequently seen.These are common residents though not often seen except by boat .
843    Firefinch, Brown R    Rarely seen. Levee thickets
841    Firefinch, Jameson’s R    Rarely seen
842    Firefinch, Red-billed R    Frequently seen, but only in dry season.
148    Fish Eagle, African R    Regularly seen. Gets more difficult to find during high water period.
691    Flycatcher, Ashy R    Frequently seen, levee thickets
Flycatcher, Bohm’s R    Occasionally seen.
692    Flycatcher, Collared P    Rarely seen. Miombo regrowth bushes
690    Flycatcher, Dusky PP    Rarely seen. Miombo
693    Flycatcher, Lead-coloured R    Occasionally seen
695    Flycatcher, Marico    Rarely seen.
696    Flycatcher, Pallid R    Rarely seen. Miombo
710    Flycatcher, Paradise R    Regularly seen
694    Flycatcher, Southern Black R    Occasionally seen. Numerous in miombo late February, otherwise scarce.
689    Flycatcher, Spotted P    Rarely seen
188    Francolin, Coqui R    Rarely seen. Stony miombo
198    Francolin, Red-necked R    Regularly seen.
224    Gallinule, Lesser A    Rarely seen. Hot spring reed beds
114    Goose, African Pygmy PP    Rarely seen. Main river
102    Goose, Egyptian PP    Frequently seen. Numbers increase from a low in April to a high in November. Successful breeding pairs have been reported.
116    Goose, Spur-winged PP    Regularly seen. Always present. Huge numbers have been seen in early April flying overhead.
160    Goshawk, African R    Rarely seen. Present in levee thickets
163    Goshawk, Dark Chanting R    Occasionally seen.
161    Goshawk, Gabar R    Rarely seen. Present in levee thickets
574    Greenbul, Yellow-bellied R    Regularly seen, levee thickets
270    Greenshank P    Rarely seen. Dambo ponds September, then moving to main river October, November.
203    Guineafowl, Helmeted R    Regularly seen in large numbers
315    Gull, Grey-headed PP    Rarely seen. September along river course
169    Gymnogene R    Frequently seen.
81    Hamerkop R    Regularly seen. Common resident breeding on riparian strip
72    Heron, Common Squacco PP    Occasionally seen. Absent February through to August, first return September, Still very scarce October visits. Absent November. Quite common in late December.
64    Heron, Goliath R    Occasionally seen. Dambo ponds
74    Heron, Green-backed R    Occasionally seen. Riparian Fringe
76    Heron, Night, Black-crowned PP    Occasionally seen. Coming regularly in the evenings to the river sand spits during late November and December.
77    Heron, Night, White backed R    Occasionally seen. January, September, November.
65    Heron, Purple R    Rare sightings of single birds *August , October, November.
75    Heron, Rufous-bellied PP    Occasionally seen. Regular dambo reed ponds November/December.
62    Heron. Grey PP    Rarely seen. October / November
173    Hobby, European P    Rarely seen. End November river island and reed ponds
478    Honeyguide, Brown-backed R    Rarely seen. Miombo
474    Honeyguide, Greater R    Frequently seen. Surprisingly common.
476    Honeyguide, Lesser R    Frequently seen
475    Honeyguide, Scaly-throated R    Rarely seen in levee thickets
451    Hoopoe A    Occasionally seen. Fairly common April to June in miombo.
452    Hoopoe, Red-billed Wood R    Regularly seen
457    Hornbill, African Grey R    Regularly seen
460    Hornbill, Crowned R    Occasionally seen in levee thickets and miombo
Hornbill, Pale-billed R    Rarely seen, miombo woodland
463    Hornbill, Southern Ground R    Regularly seen
455    Hornbill, Trumpeter R    Regularly seen
624    Hyliota, Southern R    Rarely seen. Miombo
623    Hyliota, Yellow-bellied R    Occasionally seen
93    Ibis, Glossy PP    Rarely seen.
94    Ibis, Hadeda R    Regularly seen. Common along river
91    Ibis, Sacred PP    Rarely seen. River rocks and dambo ponds
865    Indigobird, Dusky R    Rarely seen, dambo margin
867    Indigobird, Village R    Occasionally seen
240    Jacana, African PP    Regularly seen, although few in February
241    Jacana, Lesser PP    Rarely seen. Shallow river edge vegetation, November
105    Kestrel, Dickinson’s PP    Occasionally seen near water
183    Kestrel, Lesser P-CC    Rarely seen. Seen mobbing a Fish Eagle, November
435    Kingfisher, Brown-headed R    Regularly seen by riverside
436    Kingfisher, Chestnut-bellied A    Rarely seen, miombo woodland
429    Kingfisher, Giant R    Regularly seen on riverside
430    Kingfisher, Half-collared R    Frequently seen. April to December along riverside
431    Kingfisher, Malachite R    Frequently seen. June to November
428    Kingfisher, Pied R    Regularly seen. Normally numerous with numbers reducing between January and May
432    Kingfisher, Pygmy
433    Kingfisher, Senegal A    Rarely seen in miombo
437    Kingfisher, Striped R    Rarely seen. Miombo
126    Kite, Black
127    Kite, Black-shouldered PP    Rarely seen. Hot spring dambo
126    Kite, Yellow-billed P-migrans A-parasiticus    *Regularly seen.
496    Lark, Flappet R    Rarely seen. Airstrip and *miombo
493    Lark, Monotonous    Rarely seen
Lark, Sabota    Occasionally seen
373    Lourie, Grey R    Regularly seen
534    Martin, Banded PP    Rarely seen
532    Martin, European Sand P    Rarely seen
530    Martin, House P    Rarely seen
226    Moorhen, Common R    Rarely seen. Dambo reed pond
227    Moorhen, Lesser A    Occasionally seen. Numbers increasing towards late November, found on hot spring stream
426    Mousebird, Red-faced R    Regularly seen
681    Neddicky R    Occasionally seen
404    Nightjar, European P RR    Rarely seen. November. Dambo/miombo margin
405    Nightjar, Fiery-necked PP    Occasionally seen. April, August, November
408    Nightjar, Freckled Rock PP    Rarely seen. November. Old mine workings
409    Nightjar, Gaboon PP    Occasionally seen. April, August, November
410    Nightjar, Pennant-winged A    Occasionally seen. Miombo roads
544    Oriole, African Golden A    Rarely seen. Levee thickets
545    Oriole, Eastern Black-headed R    Regularly seen
543    Oriole, European Golden P    Rarely seen. Riparian belt
396    Owl, African Scops R    Rarely seen. October Miombo
392    Owl, Barn R    Occasionally seen. Seen February to May
402    Owl, Giant Eagle R    Rarely seen. September, October
403    Owl, Pel’s Fishing R    Occasionally see. Resident in thick bush behind dambo mud ponds
397    Owl, White-faced R    Rarely seen. October Miombo
394    Owl, Wood R    Rarely seen
399    Owlet, Barred R    Regularly seen. Common Resident. Riparian fringing bush and levee thickets
398    Owlet, Pearl Spotted R    Rarely seen. July Miombo hills
772    Oxpecker, Red-billed R    Frequently seen on hippo, buffalo
771    Oxpecker, Yellow-billed R    Rarely seen
Parrot, Brown-headed PP    Rarely seen.
364    Parrot, Meyer’s R    Regularly seen, numbers peaking in dry season
49       Pelican, White PP    Rarely seen. Seen November, fishing on one of the drying dambo ponds
805    Petronia, Yellow-throated R    Occasionally seen
361    Pigeon, Green R    Regularly seen
717-909    Pipit, Long-billed R    Regularly seen, miombo
718    Pipit, Plain-backed R    Rarely see, open grasslands
716    Pipit, Richard’s PP    Rarely seen, at airstrip
722    Pipit, Tree R    Rarely seen, miombo
258    Plover, Blacksmith PP    Frequently seen. Present June to December, peak numbers August to November
255    Plover, Crowned A    Rarely seen. Airstrip and Musangashi Plain
248    Plover, Kittlitz’s PP    Rarely seen.
245    Plover, Ringed P    Rarely seen.
260    Plover, Senegal Wattled PP    Frequently seen. Present May to December, breeding commences in October
249    Plover, Three-banded PP    Frequently seen. Present June to November
306    Pratincole, Rock A    Occasionally seen. Arrive September/October and stay to breed in December, departing soon after
683    Prinia, Tawny-flanked R    Regularly seen, all habitats
740    Puffback, Southern R    Regularly seen, all habitats
201    Quail, Harlequin A    Occasionally seen.
205    Quail, Kurrichane Button R    Occasionally seen.
821    Quelea, Red-billed PP    Rarely seen. Dambo ponds
822    Quelea, Red-headed A    Rarely seen. Dambo ponds
210    Rail, African Water R    Rarely seen. Dambo reed pond
Robin, Central Bearded Scrub R    Rarely seen, drier levee thickets
599    Robin, Heuglins R    Regularly seen, miombo anthills thickets, levee thickets
600    Robin, Red-capped A    Rarely seen, levee thickets
613    Robin, White-browed Scrub R    Rarely seen, levee thickets
450    Roller, Broad-billed A    Frequently seen. Numerous October to February
447    Roller, Lilac-breasted R    Occasionally seen. Not common in this area. Seen late in the year. Musangashi plain and dambo bushes
449    Roller, Purple PP    Freqently seen. June to December, miombo next to airstrip
448    Roller, Racket-tailed R    Regularly seen with numbers reducing November to February. Miombo
284    Ruff P    Rarely seen.
264    Sandpiper, Common P    Regularly seen. Common on the river, also found on dambo ponds
265    Sandpiper, Green P    Rarely seen. Dambo mud ponds
269    Sandpiper, Marsh P    Occasionally seen. Dambo mud ponds, October onwards
266    Sandpiper, Wood P    Rarely seen. Dambo ponds July and August
454    Scimitarbill R    Frequently seen
882    Seed-eater, Black-eared R    Rarely seen
Seed-eater, Stripe-breasted R    Rarely seen. Dambo margin
159    Shikra R    Occasionally seen in miombo bush and associated anthill thickets
751    Shrike, Bush, Grey-headed R    Rarely seen. Levee thickets
748    Shrike, Bush, Orange-breasted R    Regularly seen, levee thickets
754    Shrike, Helmet, Retz’s Red-billed R    Occasionally seen. Levee thickets and miombo
753    Shrike, Helmet, White R    Regularly seen, miombo
731    Shrike, Lesser Grey P    Rarely seen, Musangashi Plain
733    Shrike, Red-backed P    Rarely seen, Musangashi Plain
343    Skimmer, African PP    Frequently seen. Present from June to end November on river, also seen on dambo pond
286    Snipe, Ethiopian PP    Rarely seen. Dambo ponds and hot spring stream
285    Snipe, Great P-CC    Rarely seen. End November, wet grassland hot spring stream
242    Snipe, Painted PP    Occasionally seen in the open feeding round mud banks on open river, September to November
801    Sparrow, Grey-headed R    Frequently seen
157    Sparrowhawk, Little R    Riparian fringing bush and thickets
156    Sparrowhawk, Ovambo R    Rarely seen. Seen displaying, October
423    Spinetail, Bat-like R    Rarely seen. November
95    Spoonbill, African PP    Rarely seen. Dambo mud ponds
766    Starling, Lesser Blue-eared PP    Frequently seen, miombo
767    Starling, Sharp-tailed R    Rarely seen, riparian belt
761    Starling, Violet-backed A    Occasionally seen
760    Starling, Wattled A    Rarely seen. Levee area
295    Stilt, Black-winged PP    Occasionally seen. September to November dambo ponds
274    Stint, Little P    Rarely seen. Dambo mud ponds October
85    Stork, Abdim’s A    Rarely seen.
89    Stork, Marabou PP    Regularly seen
87    Stork, Openbill PP    Regularly seen. Numbers peak at lowest water level (Oct/Nov/Dec) and reach a low point at highest water level (Mar/Apr)
88    Stork, Saddle-billed R-cc    Frequently seen March to December, *with juveniles
86    Stork, Woolly-necked    *Rarely seen.
90    Stork, Yellow-billed PP    Occasional visitors, seen September, November
792    Sunbird, Amethyst PP    Rarely seen. Miombo woodland
793    Sunbird, Collared R    Regularly seen, mainly Syzigium tangles
778    Sunbird, Coppery PP    Rarely seen. Dambo reed pond beds
784    Sunbird, Miombo Double-collared R    Rarely seen. Prominent in levee thickets late October, early November
790    Sunbird, Olive R    Rarely seen, levee thickets
780    Sunbird, Purple-banded PP    Rarely seen. Levee thickets
791    Sunbird, Scarlet-chested PP    Frequently seen. April to November
795    Sunbird, Violet-backed R    Rarely seen. Miombo
787    Sunbird, White-bellied PP    Regularly seen, thickets
786    Sunbird, Yellow-bellied R    Frequently seen
518    Swallow, European PP    Occasionally early in year, large numbers November
531    Swallow, Grey-rumped PP    Occasionally seen. October, November and December on the Mulangashi Plain
527    Swallow, Lesser Striped PP    Frequently seen
525    Swallow, Mosque PP    Rarely seen. February and November
523    Swallow, Pearl-breasted PP    Rarely seen, at dambo in miombo
524    Swallow, Red-breasted A    Rarely seen, dambo margin
904    Swallow, Red-rumped    Rarely seen
522    Swallow, Wire-tailed PP    Regularly seen over river
421    Swift, African Palm R    Occasionally seen. Most frequently seen August to mid October
411    Swift, European P    Occasionally seen. Large numbers November
744    Tchagra, Black-crowned R    Occasionally seen. Anthill thickets in miombo
743    Tchagra, Brown-headed R    Rarely seen. Levee thickets
108    Teal, Red-billed PP    Occasionally seen.
339    Tern, White-winged Black P    Rarely seen.
603    Thrush, Collared Palm R    Regularly seen, palm fringe behind riparian thickets
576    Thrush, Kurrichane R    Occasionally seen, miombo anthill thicket
470    Tinkerbird, Yellow-fronted R    Regularly seen
558    Tit, Grey Penduline R    Rarely seen. Riparian belt
553    Tit, Miombo Grey R    Rarely seen
556    Tit, Rufous-bellied R    Occasionally seen
554    Tit, Southern Black R    Rarely seen
Tit, White-wing Black R    Rarely seen. Miombo
427    Trogon, Narina A    Rarely seen. Late December
372    Turaco, Lady Ross’s R    Occasionally seen. June onwards
370    Turaco, Schalow’s R    Regularly seen
839    Twinspot, Red-throated R    Frequently seen, though less common in dry months. Levee thickets
121    Vulture, Hooded R    Rarely seen. Least commonly seen of the vultures
124    Vulture, Lappet-faced R    Frequently seen.
123    Vulture, White-backed R    Regularly seen. Most commonly seen of the vultures
125    Vulture, White-headed R    Frequently seen.
711    Wagtail, African Pied R    Regularly seen. Peak numbers November/December reducing in high flood (Feb/Mar/Apr)
637    Warbler, African Yellow PP    Rarely seen. Hot spring reed bed
657    Warbler, Bleating Bush R    Frequently seen. Most months, Syzigium tangles
642    Warbler, Broad-tailed PP    Dambo grassland
619    Warbler, Garden P    Rarely seen, riparian bush
628    Warbler, Great Reed P    Rarely seen. Reed beds
635    Warbler, Lesser Swamp R    Rarely seen. Dambo reed ponds
638    Warbler, Little Rush R    Rarely seen. Dambo reed ponds
659    Warbler, Miombo Barred R    Rarely seen. Miombo woodland
634    Warbler, Sedge P    Rarely seen. Riverside reeds
643    Warbler, Willow P    Rarely seen
705    Wattled-eye, Black-throated R    Rarely seen in specific patches of thicket.
844    Waxbill, Blue R    Regularly seen, reducing in number with the rains
846    Waxbill, Common R    Occasionally seen, cold months to late October only
814    Weaver, African Masked R    Rarely seen. Anthill thicket in levee.
816    Weaver, Large Golden R    Regularly seen
815    Weaver, Lesser Masked R    River reed bed
809    Weaver, Olive-headed    Rarely seen.
820    Weaver, Parasitic PP    Rarely seen, but is large numbers last November, reedbed stream through dambo
819    Weaver, Red-headed R    Rarely seen
810    Weaver, Spectacled R    Occasionally seen
807    Weaver, Thick-billed PP    Dambo reed ponds
587    Wheatear, Capped A    Rarely seen, airstrip
797    White-eye, Yellow R    Occasionally seen
828    Whydah, Red-shouldered R    Rarely seen, dambos
829    Whydah, White-winged R    Rarely seen. Mine dambo
830    Whydah, Yellow-mantled R    Occasionally seen. Dambos
863    Widow, Broad-tailed Paradise R    Rarely seen
862    Widow, Long-tailed Paradise R    Rarely seen. Mine clearings
860    Widow, Pin-tailed R    Rarely seen
Widow, Yellow-backed    Frequently seen. Dambo
Widow, Yellow-rumped    Occasionally seen. Dambo
487    Woodpecker, Bearded R    Mostly seen in riparian bush
481    Woodpecker, Bennett’s R    Rarely seen in miombo
485    Woodpecker, Cardinal R    Occasionally seen.
483    Woodpecker, Golden-tailed R    Frequently seen May to August in levee thicket area                                                                                           485    Woodpecker, Little Spotted R    Rarely seen. Waterside Syzigium
488    Woodpecker, Olive R    Occasionally seen. Mostly October and November, usually in pairs

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