By Road

The road to our camp has been greatly improved, and a 4X4 is no longer necessary in the dry season, when a high clearance 2X4 will be sufficient.

From Lusaka, take the Mongu Road for 150 kilometres. Turn right into the Mumbwa Road.  When you get to the first Traffic Circle (Roundabout) turn left onto a dirt road which takes you through a bustling market for about 1 kilometre, then turn right onto the D181.  Continue along this road for approximately 106 kilometres, you will pass a prison farm on the left hand side.  Keep heading left on the most travelled road and you will reach Mushngashe Conservancy.  Once you are here again keep left and start heading down into the park.  You will reach a fork in the road that is clearly signed “McBrides Camp”. follow these signs for another 25 kilometres and you will arrive at our little paradise.

Latitude 14.41.27S, Longitude 26.23.29E

Please be aware that Google Maps or other GPS systems might not give you the best direct and shortest route as indicated on the Map below.

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By Air

The Airstrip coordinates are



and is oriented 07/25. It is 1000 metres long with a grass surface at 3600 feet above sea-level.

The airstrip is NOT all weather but is generally serviceable between April and December. Please check to be sure.

Please buzz the camp (2.59 kms south of the airstrip) in order to be collected at the airstrip. Camp coordinates are 14 DEGREES 41.597 MINUTES SOUTH / 26 DEGREES 23.129 MINUTES EAST

by air zambia


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    • By Road

Transfers from Lusaka to McBrides in 4X4 vehicles may be arranged. Total traveling time is approximately 5 – 6 hours. Please contact us for pricing and bookings.

    • By Air

Various aircraft options are available. Visit Proflight for more information.

For details of other routes and air bookings contact us for a referral.

(IATA No. 67-2 3216 3)

For either road or air charter transfers, clients are met on arrival at Lusaka International Airport and from there transported to the camp.


Safari Planning

Contact us for assistance in planning your trip by air or by road.

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