Green Season Special

From 20th November to 31st May
(excluding 24th Dec to 1st Jan and public holidays)

Contact us for our 5 Night Green Season special

Experience a lovely time in the bush, everything green, lots of migrant birds, new trees and flowers….. an exciting adventure….

The wet season – its a lovely time of year. We can’t see any disadvantages over the dry season. Each month, week, day of the year, has its own unique and special sightings, happenings and  experiences.

One can’t really compare dry and wet seasons, as the seasons are all so different. In the wet season, it’s cool… one can walk for hours, as opposed to having to be back by 9.30 a.m. in the dry season heat.

There are so many different birds to be seen, many migrant species and flocks of water birds.

Until about half way through January the grass is shortish, and when it gets long (during the latter half of January to April),  the game which does not generally favour long grass (most game EXCEPT buffalo) becomes EASIER to find, not harder, because it congregates in the now relatively limited areas of short grass which can still be found at these times!

Until mid-way through January one can still drive vehicles to the camp. After that vehicles are parked about 1.3 kms from camp, and we walk in, with ‘kutundu’ (luggage-) being portered in…..even that is a lovely walk!

Rates include

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  • All activities (walks, boat rides, free bottle of house wine during the sunset cruise and ZAWA fees)



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  • Vehicle fees
  • Transfers (US$400 per round trip including a driver)
  • Alcoholic beverages


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