Log From Chris

Staff welcomed me with news that Tate and Paddington (lions) have been in camp for 2 days!! There are tracks in the camp and around the office !!. Last night as I drove in I was given a delightful welcome… they were lying just near our camp signboard. It was lovely to see them so relaxed, their scars are healing. Paddington raised his head, then lay down again and went to sleep. Tate didn’t even lift his head up.

I felt an unexpected wave of affection for our two new boys. My hands clamoured for a camera but the scene is in my memory… lovely, lovely welcome home.

I will see more clearly in the morning what our gentle Elephant guests have done with the tree re-arrangements!! Tate and Paddington have moved away and are roaring towards Spring #3.

Photos by Josh Hibbert

JOSH HIBBETT JULY 16 - CopySable – Delai Camp

JOSH HIBBETT JULY 16 (2) - CopyLeopard – McBrides camp

Photos by Chris

8.7.16 (2)Elephants in the camp


Wedding at McBrides!!



HL 4.20 30.7.16Hennie’s lion

JACOB 28.7.16Jacob the lion


Aardvark captured by the trail camera