December 2005

After a month away in colder climes, in the rush and bustle of Europe for the past four weeks, this is bliss…. pure bliss…..although we had the wonderful opportunity of seeing our dear son, Robbie, briefly…he is about to get his doctorate in Environmental Science, and it was really fantastic to catch up with him after four years absence…..and seeing family and old friends was an added bonus, although Chris got totally claustrophobic with so much human activity, and buildings everywhere!!! I always get an opportunity to see my mother who lives in Jersey, CI, whilst over for the WTM, so I didn’t find it so bad, but must admit, I am also very pleased to be back!!

What a welcome home, the stress and tension at the end of the dry season all gone, …..such a joy to get back to the bush….everything so green, so peaceful, so relaxed…and we got back in the wonderful golden evening glow, so all the animals and leaves are lit pure gold, the sunset colours every shade of gold too, with pinks and oranges melded together…. …all the antelope looking fat as butter, and waltzing around instead of walking with heads down, thin and weak…. …the rising river is still, still silver, shades of the sky mirrored and disturbed by hippos greeting us with loud hahaha’s, yawning silhouettes…. the guineafowl calling, nostalgic chirring sounds that we love, the ground hornbill’s undulating soft sounds….frogs, crickets calling as the sun sets, lovely night colours turning darkly silver…. Peaceful… you can gather, we are so happy to be back!!

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