October 2019 Logs and Pictures

Pictures from Chris

Jasper sleeping outside Bedroom no 2

Pictures from Charlotte

Magnificent Sable

Videos from the trail camera

Video – Sable drinking at a spring (6Mb)

Video – Sable drinking at a spring 2 (6Mb)

Video – Herd of 9 Sable coming in to drink (6Mb)

Video – Group of 21 Sable drinking at a spring 2 (6Mb)

Video – Roan coming to drink at the spring (9Mb)

The spring is at the beginnig of the Mushingashi valley, about 2 kms east of the camp and at the moment it is the only  water for  miles around – we have, amazingly, also seen Roan, Hartebeeste, Eland, Puku, Impala, and REEDBUCK there and hope to  get these on the trail camera too… There are also warthog families playing, rolling, etc at the spring

Pictures from Angus Saunders

New visitor to McBrides
Golden Boys
White Tailed Mongoose
A dear friend – The Giant Rat

Picture from Alwyne

Distant Eland at the spring

Picture by Maria Celaya

Roan approaching a waterhole
Hartebeeste coming to a waterhole