The West Bank of the Kafue River is a roadless wilderness. We specialize in walks and walking safaris in this area.

However, we also offer…

Day game drives

Night game drives

Game viewing by boat

See our new game viewing boat opposite


Fly Fishing

Bird watching excursions

What you can expect to see while at McBride’s

Two main safaris are offered:

– 3 or 4 Day Stay

Early morning walks

Daily morning walks from the camp, returning for a mid- morning brunch. These are modestly-paced, investigatory strolls to allow for a close scrutiny of whatever presents itself on a particular morning (a lion roar, an antelope alarm call), which could include the full range of life forms in the area; birds, insect, mammal; as well as the ecology of various vegetation types in the area. These walks are fascinating, and your guides have been engaged in such activities, though not continuously, for approximately forty years.

Midday rest period – Afternoons

In the afternoons, you may choose to go on another walk in a different area or for a ride on the river in the famous double decker Fish Eagle; an ideal way to enjoy the river and its sights. Or perhaps you would like to go fishing (yellow-belly bream, the largest bream are famous for their fighting and eating qualities and abound in the area.) Or you may decide to rest in the camp, from which game and bird (over 300 species) viewing is also excellent.

– 5 or 6 Day Stay

A new dimension has been added to our camp.


We now have a new, official, bush or satellite camp near the river 14 kilometres downstream from our present camp. An ideal base for bush walks, the Bush Camp overlooks a traditional buffalo drinking place, from which at least 9 well-used game paths converge on the river. Herds of up to 400 to 600 drink there.

There is a healthy pride of golden lions in the area as well, and the spot is pristine and very wild.

This camp is rustic but comfortable, as is our style, and cater for a maximum of 8 people.

It can be reached by a 3.5 hour drift on our Pontoon boat, the Fish Eagle, with good game viewing, especially in the dry season, from the upper deck; or by a 3.5 hour walk from our camp. Guests can also chose which option to use for the return to our camp.

Typically, during a 2 day stay in the camp, there is an early morning walk, and a late afternoon one, in this very exciting game area. We are also exploring longer walks from the Bush Camp to interesting areas.

Fishing is also excellent in this area, with bream of various species usually being the most sought after catch.

We look forward to sharing this wild area with you.

View the Bush Camp


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